Requirements for joining the Council

Prospective council members must have access to data related to construction project outcomes and be willing to contribute to one of the Council’s workstreams.

The Council has 3 workstreams

1   Operations

Developing a practical guide for implementing predictive analytics including ways to incorporate predictive analytics into existing processes.

2   Business Value

Identifying how to apply predictive data for use in risk calculations across all parts of the AEC ecosystem.

3   Technology

Researching how the cumulative data sources and types from the Council can help improve predictive model outcomes.

Commitment level

PASC holds meetings 3 to 4 times per year.

Between meetings, members may choose to participate in advancing one of the workstreams.

The benefits of joining the Council

As a result of participating in PASC, you’ll get:

  • A data health evaluation for all of the data submitted by your organization
  • Access to modeling results and research outcomes generated by the technology workstream
  • Free access to publications created by PASC workstreams
  • A front row seat to predictive analytics progress tailored for the construction industry – many of our members see a practical use case and begin advancing custom solutions in house

Submit your application

Fill out the application below to start the process. We’ll contact you to discuss your interest in the Council, how we maintain your data privacy, meeting requirements and answer any of your questions.